The Campaign To Protect Women recognizes the value of every human life, born and unborn. Women have the unique and miraculous role of carrying new life. As such, our laws and policies must promote and protect the dignity of women and their maternal role in society.

Pregnant women deserve the dignity of receiving safe, compassionate, quality medical care that respects them and their unborn children. Women deserve the dignity of public policy that recognizes their physical differences from men and protects them in all aspects of life.

While abortion through birth for any reason is permitted by law in Maryland, we affirm that women and girls deserve better. We oppose abortion because it pits women against their children, telling pregnant mothers that violence against their unborn child may be necessary to flourish. Abortion fosters a culture that makes it easier for men to exploit women and for a man to abandon the mother of his children.

Abortion is a violence against women that poses many health risks including immediate physical harm, permanent injury and death. Women also suffer negative psychological and emotional effects.